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Residential Buildings with Solar Panels


Our company was founded in 2010 with a mission to positively impact the future by contributing to energy management. We initially started as a trading company but later heavily invested and collaborated with partners in smart meter design and manufacturing to align with our company's primary objective. Thanks to our strong partnerships and solid experience with a prominent Hong Kong industrial group, Meter Alliance now offers vertically integrated design and manufacturing services for global customers in the smart meter market segment.


Based on the success of our smart meter programs, we have expanded into energy management programs in Asia with different localized partners. Additionally, we established a Japanese subsidiary company in 2018 to focus on the energy market and support the Japanese government's goals for GHG in 2050 and ZEH in 2030. You can visit the Asuka website,, for extra information.


We believe understanding and utilizing technology can lead to a prosperous future through effective energy management. Please get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting with one of our sales representatives.

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