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PV Meter Solution

Exceptional Energy Management

With the MA PV meter solution, you can measure the energy generated by your solar panels, control the output power of your solar inverter based on 30-minute rolling schedules, manage your ECHONET devices, and collect data from other meters such as water/gas and Japanese utility power meters.

EV Charging Solution

Quality Assured

With the MA EV charging solution, you can remotely control the charging power of up to 20 charging posts simultaneously. The OCPP or MQTT communication standards allow you to monitor the charging energy of each post.

Smart Home Gateway
and control solution

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the MA Smart Home Gateway, you can manage 8 sets of ECHONET devices through Wi-Fi. Additionally, there's an extra ethernet port that offers flexibility to connect a storage battery, ECHONET devices, or a secondary internet connection.

If you need more information about our solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're happy to help.

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